Sleepy Feet

by I'm Happiest When

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First ever EP by I'm Happiest When.


released June 19, 2012

I'm Happiest When is:

Johnny Lucas
Travis Matheny
Ky Kenzler

Album produced/engineered/mixed/mastered by Steve Sopchak @ The Square Studio

All music and lyrics by I'm Happiest When and Steve Sopchak

Album art and layout designed by Justin M. Tartick for Tour City Inc.




I'm Happiest When Buffalo, New York

Heartfelt acoustic songs from Buffalo, NY

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Track Name: Sleepy Feet
And it always seems my feet
Are constantly falling asleep
So I am having trouble
Keeping them under me
If I knew what was best
I'd put this restless head to rest
So I can finally get some sleep
Track Name: Omg!
It's killing me
You and your mouth
They disagree
I'm still the same
I'll be that moth
Set before your flame
You pull me in
Burn down this house
Before we begin
And I'll lie awake for you
For you
Oh my god
Oh my love

Whoa can't you see
That you've got me where you want
And I'm never gonna leave your side

Let me go
Let me go
Track Name: Gray
The color flushed from my face
A pale white is all that remains
Fools rush in
On a whim
And you know that I'm the king
Through the mud
in the pit I have dug
I am struggling

God forbid
That I ever get it right
Don't feel the need
To say everything on my mind
Press rewind
Just in time
So that I
Can finally shut my mouth
Here's the catch
I'm a mess
and I don't know if
I'll ever sort it out

You are the reason I turned gray
You are the sun you went away
And now it always feels like rain
And not it always feels like

Morning comes
And I awake
Not sure if there's anything left
For me to say
To get me out of this pit
To get me out of this mess I've made
Tongue tied
Knot in my stomach
And feeling betrayed

I'm just a scarecrow
Flailing in your wind
Just a fish
Trapped by the net
You caught me in
You caught me in
Track Name: I'm A Ghost
Wake me up
Before you leave tonight
I don't want to be
The last one
To say goodbye
I lost my head
I lost my mind
And I can't relate to
All your problems
This is the end
This is my life
And I've got my own concerns

I'm a ghost
And I'll slip by
You try to keep me
At your side

I don't want to leave
Cause we used to have the best times ever
The best times ever
But you
Are not the person
You used to be
Track Name: Skeletons
I built a cardboard rocket
Took off with empty pockets
The clothes on my back
Are all that I have
All that I have

I hope someday
You get the chance
To clean them out
Skeletons before
You're a skeleton

I found myself a ticket
Front row through wooden pickets
I wish I was there
With you suspended in Midair

I built a cardboard rocket
Took off with empty pockets
I'm never coming back
I'm never coming back

Better days
Are surely on the way
Come with me
What do you say
Track Name: Winter Song
Give me spring or give me summer
Anything at all to make these bones less cold
I've been aching for the sun
And that warm breeze blowing
In from off the lake

Don't bother telling me
That I'll be fine
Just take me to a different place
And time
Cause I want to to leave

Tell me that you'd like to
Go with me
To anywhere that isn't here
Say you'd love to just escape the winter
For another time of year
Please go with me

In this room I'm going crazy
Like everything is stuck on repeat
Maybe I could use some fresh air
Don't you know we all could
Use a little change

The winter is so cold
I can't take it anymore
And the walls of this room
Are closing in
Track Name: Oh No (Haven't You Enough)
Oh no
Don't go
You'll be missed more
Than you know

I'll stay
If only for today

Whatever happened to the
Way it used to be
So young
In love
Who knew that staring you would
Be the end of me
What's stopping you from
Getting to the places
The places that you want to be

I pictured us together
Turning gray
A desert drying up our bones
The wind blows us away

Haven't you had enough
You haven't slept in days
Haven't you had enough
You haven't slept in days
Track Name: Sleeping For Years
Go to work
Keep it all together
So it's easier on me
Waste my time
Staring at the ceiling
Is this all my life will mean

I've been sleeping for years
I've been sleeping for years