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released May 1, 2012




I'm Happiest When Buffalo, New York

Heartfelt acoustic songs from Buffalo, NY

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Track Name: Gotta Get Out
I've got this sinking feeling
That I will only ever be
A shell of my potential
bearing the weight of my defeat
Walking around in circles
Wasting all this energy
Why take these steps
Towards nowhere
When I just trip on my own feet

We can just pretend
That we're happy where we are

It's about that time
You're pulling me
down, down
Will someone get me out of here
Cause I can't take this anymore
There's nothing left me to say now
I'm not the way I used to be

It only takes some time
For us to fall
Apart cause we don't
Believe in anything or anyone
I don't have time for this
If you keep on talking
Don't ask me to stay
Just let me be
Just let me go
Track Name: All The Kings (Home Demo)
All the Kings and I
Dance these halls tonight
Underneath the glow of neon light
All the saints will say
Please enjoy your stay
In this wishing well that is your life

Both eyes open
But will you see it now

Whisper goodnight
And wave goodbye
To everything that leaves you empty
Whisper goodnight
I'll wave goodbye
We'll leave it all behind

I don't need the bad lines
I don't need the sad times
I don't need anything you've got
I can live without them
I can live without you
I don't need anything

All I need to do is

Whisper goodnight
Whisper goodbye
We'll leave it all behind
Track Name: Margot and The Nuclear So & Sos Cover- Broadripple is Burning
We've got a lot, don't ever forget that.